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The final countdown...
...was what the team at hitched tickers had been looking forward to. Having spent months researching information and creating ideas for the new hitchedtickers.com website, hoping that it is all perfect for you, we have been counting down to a celebration or special ...

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Your feedback
We have tried to perfect the hitched tickers website and make it as user friendly as we can, but if you find a glitch or have a problem creating your ticker then please email our technical team on ...
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Hitched tickers needs you!
Hitched tickers are a fun way to countdown to a celebration or special event. Even though we have created a wide variety of tickers for you to choose from, there is always room for more ...
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Are you counting down to a big occasion? Or do you want to share the run up to a special event with all of your friends and family? Well hitchedtickers.com has been designed to make looking forward to your special event even more exciting. Not only can you count down on a daily basis to your celebration, but you can also upload a photo to correspond with the theme and pre-event preparations.

Have fun with your partner, children, parents, family, and friends by counting down to life changing events such as –

A new baby
Plus many more……

Looking forward to a celebration is exciting, but knowing exactly how much longer you have to go can make the whole experience much more enjoyable.

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Gentleman, Never risk forgeting your wedding anniversary by including this count down ticker where ever you can.
Count down the days until the stork delivers your little bundle of joy (if only it was that easy!).
Unlike the Queen you only get one, so make sure no-one forgets by displaying your birthday countdown ticker on your screen saver.
The high street stores seem to start banging on about Christmas earlier and earlier. Beat them to it by setting up your Christmas ticker now.
As if you needed reminding how long its been since your bundle of joy was born.
Make sure everyone in your office knows how long it is until your vacation/holiday by adding your vaction countdown ticker to every email you send.
There is a lot to organise so count the days until your big event.

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