Are you counting down to a big occasion? Or do you want to share the run up to a special event with all of your friends and family? Well hitchedtickers.com has been designed to make looking forward to your special event even more exciting. Not only can you count down on a daily basis to your celebration, but you can also upload a photo to correspond with the theme and pre-event preparations.


   Have fun with your partner, children, parents, family, and friends by counting down to life changing events such as –



                     A new baby




                     Plus many more...


  Looking forward to a celebration is exciting, but knowing exactly how much longer you have to go can make the whole experience much more enjoyable.


  Making a personalised ticker is simple, easy and fun, and takes less than a minute. Tickers can be added to blogs, social networks, discussion forum postings and several other online utilities. Simply create yourself an account and start ticking.


  You can use one of our many backgrounds and markers or upload your own graphics to create a truly personalized countdown ticker.


  After you have created your ticker the details will be maintained and you can log at any time to edit your ticker – OR create a new ticker for another special occasion. There is no limit as to how many tickers you can create on your account and they are always free.


  Hitchedtickers.com is happy to hear any feedback or comments that you may have. We aim to make your life’s special occasions even more memorable and exciting to look forward to.


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